8 million tenge for an one-way ticket from Moscow

The Aviation Committee commented on the prices of flights from Moscow

The Civil Aviation Committee (AAC) commented on the information about the huge increase in the price of tickets for flights from Moscow to Almaty.

Earlier, an information shared on social networks about the huge increase in the price of air tickets on the Moscow-Almaty route. Thousand of social meadia users were surprised by the information that as of September 22th and 23th, the price of a ticket for one passenger is between 7.8 million and 8.2 million tenge.

The statement shared by department, when we talk about those absurd prices of the tickets that on the social media posts, we should consider them as the cases of transit flights like from Moscow to Dubai and via Dubai to Almaty route.

“It should be noted that the tariffs on direct flights of Kazakhstan airlines on the Moscow-Almaty and Dubai-Almaty routes have not changed. For example, as the case of September 21, 2022 at 18:00:

– The price of a ticket for the flight of Kazakhstan airline “SCAT” on the route Moscow (Vnukovo) – Almaty on September 24th, 2022 is 253,688 tenge and the price on September 29th of this year is 208,078 tenge.
– The price of the ticket for the Air Astana flight on the Dubai-Almaty route on September 22th, 2022 is 334,146 tenge,” said the announcement of JSC.


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