The policies regarding Kandastar (kinsmen) will change

President Tokayev message was there will be changes in  the policies  that regarding the return of our kinsmen those are living on abroad, reports

In the message given by President Tokayev on the subject;

“The policies regarding to the return of our kinsmen to their ancestral homeland and towards internal migration will change significantly. While these changes are being made, demographic and economic issues will be taken into consideration as well.” he used his statements.

In addition, President Tokayev conveyed that it is very important to act taking into account our national interests, while adding the following statements to his words;

“The main element of a strong country is the nation.As a nation, we need to strengthen our health and education. Being a professional and working hard should be the most important values of our society. I repeat this once again, we need to accept a hardworking person, a professional person as the most respected people in our society. These dear citizens will carry our nation and our state to advanced levels”



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