63 People Awarded Free Grants in Astana

In Astana, the first round of the commission's work for awarding free grants of up to 400 MCI (up to 1,225,200 Tenge or 2,600 USD)has concluded.

According to the official website of the Astana Akimat, 721 applicants submitted their business ideas to the Astana Labor Mobility Center for the first stream.

From June 3 to June 7, candidates defended their business projects. As a result, 63 participants were approved to receive grants. Applications were accepted electronically and only from individuals with work disabilities, orphans, families receiving targeted social assistance, families raising a child with a disability, and families receiving survivor benefits. Applicants were also required to be registered as unemployed or have individual entrepreneur status for no more than three years.

Additionally, applicants needed a certificate of completion in the basics of entrepreneurship from the Bastau Business project within the last three years.

To ensure transparency, a live broadcast of the commission meetings was provided on official social media pages, allowing public oversight. The commission focused on the viability of business projects, competitiveness, and the professionalism of the candidates.

Business projects that were approved included:

  • Food industry: 16
  • Sewing: 12
  • Educational services: 7
  • Household services: 5
  • Public catering services: 4
  • Art, sports, entertainment, recreation, care, and beauty services: 4
  • Medical and social services: 3
  • Production and industry: 3
  • After-sales service: 2
  • Wholesale and retail trade: 2
  • Motor vehicle servicing: 1
  • Administrative, management, and information activities, intermediary services: 3
  • Other services: 1

Currently, agreements are being finalized with the grant recipients. It is important to note that this support cannot be used for consumer purposes, loan repayment, real estate acquisition or construction, or land acquisition.


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